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The journal’s title was changed two times before; the first one was (Engineering Research Journal - Faculty of Engineering) from 2004-2008 the second one is (Engineering and Scientific Research Journal) from 2009-2012. Then, back to the first one again (Engineering Research Journal (Shoubra)) with ISSNs 3009-6049, 3009-6022.

Engineering Research Journal (Shoubra) is a multidisciplinary double-blind peer-reviewed journal that is produced by the Faculty of Engineering at Shoubra,  Benha University. The faculty of Engineering at Shoubra was established in 1961. It is one of Benha University's faculties that embrace thousands of undergraduate and postgraduate students and hundreds of faculty members.

The first issue of the journal was published in the year 2004. The journal has open access starting from 2019.

Engineering Research Journal (Shoubra) is devoted to assimilating publications that document development and research results within the broad spectrum of subfields in the engineering sciences.

The journal is publishing scientific research relating to various disciplines of the engineering field from theoretical, practical, and analytical research to physical implications and theoretical or quantitative discussion intended for both academic and industrial progress.

Engineering Research Journal (Shoubra) aims to provide scientific knowledge to its readers in the field of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Surveying Engineering, Architectural Engineering, and Engineering Mathematics and Physics.

Current Issue: Volume 53, Issue 2, April 2024 

Flexural Strength of Cold Formed Section with Laterally Restrained Tension Flange

Pages 10-25

Anwar Badawy Badawy Abu-Sena; maged tawfik hanna; Maro Nashaat Azer; KHALED ABD ALLAH Gharib

Numerical Analysis of GFRP-Reinforced Concrete Continuous Deep Beams

Pages 60-67

Osama omar El-Mahdy; Tarek Sayed Mustafa; Ashrakt Ahmed Mahmoud; Rania Farouk Abo-Dagher

Study of 3D laser engraving for steel 37 and stainless steel 304 samples

Pages 104-109

Hany Adel Ibrahim; Sameh Shawky Habib; Tamer Abdel-Fattah Khalil; Khalid Mahmoud Abdelghany

Nonlinear Finite Element Modeling of Wooden Elements Strengthened by FRP

Pages 110-118

Ashwaq Mahmoud Osman; Mohamed Ahmed Aboshok; Gehan Hamdy; Osama El-Mahdy

Cost Prediction of Economic load Dispatch Problem Using Bees Algorithm..

Pages 144-149

A A Elrifai; H A Henry; M M Salama; Mohamed F Abdelkarim

Future Changes Downstream New Assiut Barrage

Pages 150-155

Noha Kamal Imam; Naglaa Mahmoud Mohamed; Mohamed Mahmoud Ibrahim; Wail Ahmed Fahmy

Improvement of the Performance of multi-vents culvert under different flow conditions

Pages 175-184

Marwa Fathy Shaheen; Mahmoud Ali Refaey Eltoukhy; Ahmed Abdallah Abdelsattar; ABEER SAMY; Omaima Kotob

Groundwater Modeling for Seawater Intrusion Simulation in Coastal Aquifers in Ain Sukhna, Egypt

Pages 212-219

alaa Nabil elhazek; Neveen Badawy Abdelmageed; Ahmed Moustafa El Belasy; Dalia Hamdy Farouk Amin